Meet Catherine – Senior That Found Love on Seniors Meeting Seniors

Seniors Dating Interview OnlineHere is the first of four interviews from users at Seniors Meeting Seniors.

SMS: Catherine – thank you for taking time to talk with us, and with others that are thinking about online dating.

CATHERINE: You’re welcome, I’m glad that I can share my experience.

SMS: So Catherine, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What made you try Seniors Meeting Seniors?

CATHERINE: Sure. Well I’m 68 years young (laughs) and needed to get out of the house. My husband passed away suddenly about 3-years ago, and the kids are all grown and have their own families. None live close to me, so I really only see them and the grand-kids on holidays.

SMS: That sounds like it can be depressing.

CATHERINE: Sure, sometimes it can be. But I knew I wanted more, I just did not know what. After my husband passed, I really did not want to do anything. We were married for over 40-years, so losing him was hard on me. But I did get involved with community events, and for a while it was gratifying but coming to an empty home would really stress me out. I am quite fit for my age, but the stress was showing and my doctor put me on medication! That is when I decided I had to do something!

SMS: What did you try?

CATHERINE: Well, I had read about a seniors cruise, so thought that would be fun. It would give me a chance to get out and mingle and perhaps meet someone else with similar interests.

SMS: Well that sounds very exciting! How did it go?

CATHERINE: It was a disaster, I mean – I enjoyed the cruise I really needed to get out and it felt good but really I did not meet anyone that I felt I could really connect with. There were a lot of men on the cruise, but they wanted something different.

SMS: Did online dating even cross your mind?

CATHERINE: Heavens no! Here I am, a grandmother trying to meet someone online? Frankly I was terrified.

SMS: What changed your mind?

CATHERINE: My daughter, actually. Her family came to visit me and actually surprised me with a computer. She said it would keep us closer in touch, and that I could Facebook with her. So Facebook was really the first step. I was able to get online and meet a lot of people and join some groups that shared hobbies I was interested in. It was just by chance that I was on the internet and I found this website called Seniors Meeting Seniors.

Initially I must say, I was really on edge. I mean, when you are younger you are more willing to take some risks. But here I was, acting like I was 25-years old! It was exhilarating, but terrifying. I was nervous, and could feel the butterflies in my stomach. Maybe I felt like a teen again going to my first dance, and hoping the boy I was fond of would ask me to dance!

SMS: What were you expecting?

CATHERINE: Oh, I don’t know really. I mean I knew I wanted to find someone to be a companion, who I shared common interests with and who wanted to share their life with me. While intimacy was always in the back of my mind, I didn’t know if that was what I wanted. Let me tell you, I must have spent weeks looking before contacting anyone! In fact I was on the site for almost 6-months before I found him. At first I was just too scared and perhaps set my expectations too high. I didn’t really compromise because I knew what I wanted, but I found that it was difficult to get Romeo without a little Roger.

SMS: How did it go? What was your first experience like?

CATHERINE: I was scared, I won’t lie but the man I was talking with was very sweet and while we didn’t have every single thing in common there was enough there that I felt comfortable to meet with him for brunch at a local restaurant. It was a lot of fun!

SMS: So tell us, if you’re OK with it – how did it go?

CATHERINE: Well, it was fabulous. I still drive so I met him at the restaurant. He was a real gentleman. Once we got to talking we realized that we actually did have a lot in common. Our first date was a success, and I think we both felt it and decided to meet again in a few days for dinner.

SMS: So this was the first person you met? How amazing!

CATHERINE: Yes, I know! What were the odds? We met for dinner and really from there is progressed. I invited him to my home sometime later for a home cooked meal, but because I was still nervous I asked one of my neighbors to join us. The four of us had a great time!

SMS: Anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

CATHERINE: Yes! Just try it. Be safe, and always trust your gut – but once you find someone you will wonder why you took so long! Here are a few things that I put together that I wanted to share:

  1. Expect the truth – don’t start of any new relationship on a lie, but it doesn’t hurt to be a bit guarded.
  2. Expect RESPECT – if he (or she) doesn’t respect you, you need to get out of that situation and relationship. Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship, even if it is just casual.
  3. Expect a close fit – I tried to put everyone into the mold of my deceased husband. That won’t work. That relationship took a very long time to cultivate, and you won’t find another like him so stop trying.
  4. Be patient – I know we’re not spring chickens, but don’t rush into something until you are comfortable.
  5. Trust your gut and your first impressions! Need I say more? We’re pretty mature to be able to tell good from bad.

SMS: Catherine, thank you for sharing your insights with us. I know our readers will benefit greatly from your words.

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Interviews With Seniors Meeting Seniors Members Who Found Love!

The dating game at any age can be daunting, we help make things easier. We spoke to four seniors from our seniors dating website that found love on Seniors Meeting Seniors. They share what worked, what did not and how they feel after having found their match.

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Free Senior Online Dating Sites

Seniors Meeting Seniors

Once you get to be a certain age, it may seem like you are out of the dating scene or perhaps some activities are out of reach for you. Today seniors are living longer, healthier lives. Given the advances in medicine, nutrition and general care someone that is in their 40’s, 50’s or older no longer has to limit themselves to “safe activities”. Seniors are travelling the world by themselves, and in groups – while they may not move with the speed and agility of a 20 or 30-something, there is no stopping todays’ senior from living their life and meeting someone special if their significant other has passed away or they find themselves single for some other reason.

There are many ways senior can meet other seniors for love, romance, fun or simple friendship – not all of them involve joining any of the free senior online dating sites. Here are some great ways to meet other seniors!

Participate in social media. Facebook isn’t for young people anymore (however you want to define young). For example did you know that as of July 2017 there are 241 million Facebook users from India? There are also over 240 million American Facebook users and around the world Facebook has over 2 billion active users from virtually every country in the world.  According to Statista:

  • 38% of Facebook users are between 35 and 44 years of age
  • 32% are between 45 and 54 years of age (or 640 million users)
  • 14% are between 55 and 64 years of age (or 280 million users)
  • and here is a shocking statistic, 20% are over 65 years of age (or 400,000,000 users)

If you put this into perspective and look at the 2 billion people that use Facebook there is a significant number of seniors on the social media network.

56% of the people that use FB are male, while 44% are female – so while not quite 1:1 ratio there are a lot of people you can meet on Facebook.

Creating a profile on Facebook is very easy, and while the security permissions can be daunting we will be posting more information on how you can create your secure Facebook profile so that you can meet other like minded seniors and find free senior online dating sites that offer lots of features, much better privacy and the ability to interact with people around the world.

What are your friends doing? Your friends can be a source of inspiration, and give you the opportunity to meet other like minded seniors that may also be looking for a companion. If you see friends attending an event, and it is public – go with them! You never know who you may meet!

Attend birthday parties. If you have friends going to birthday parties, and you are invited – GO! We’re not talking birthday parties for their grandchildren or children – but for others in your age group.

Volunteer your time. This is one of the best ways to make friends, both older and younger. Volunteering your time also builds community, allows you to remain active mentally and physically and gives you the opportunity to meet many new people. Building these networks can also open doors that you may have thought could never be opened.

Talk to strangers. Someone may stop you and ask for the time, or directions – while we want to be wary, there is no harm in speaking to them especially if they are in your age group — maybe they are trying to flirt with you!

Take the dog for a walk. If you have a dog, take him (or her) out for a walk or to the dog park – again, you may meet someone there that shares the same interest as you.

Take a class. Yes, classes attract a wide range of people. Look at what your local community center is offering and attend them. Many community pools also offer specific types of programs for older people. Another great place to meet someone that probably shares the same interests as you do. Also contact your local continuing education center as they offer many one-off type courses that are open to everyone in many different areas, you can call them and see if the course is suited to you and also find out the age group of those attending. Some courses are geared towards seniors.

Agree to be set-up. Yes, it’s not the best way to meet someone – but perhaps someone you know doesn’t want to see you stay alone and knows the perfect companion. There is no harm in meeting them. If the feelings are mutual, you don’t even need to try finding Free Senior Online Dating Sites because all the work was done for you. 🙂

Do things alone. This may seem counterproductive since you are trying to find a companion, but sometimes doing things alone can actually help you find some one.  The thought process is that you will be more open to speaking to someone, and the opposite holds true – others will be more open to speaking with you. Sometimes going solo may make it easier for you (or the other person) to “make the moves” and flirt without having everyone question every move. Going out alone can be scary, so take a book or camera with you to keep yourself busy – someone may ask what you are reading and your friendship may build from there or ask you what you are taking pictures of and look for advice.

Regardless of what you try you need to be sincere in your approach. Most people can tell if someone is fake. If after all this advice you still want to try a free senior online dating site then visit Seniors Meeting Seniors – there are thousands of profiles of people from all around the world, there could even be someone from your street that is looking for companionship!

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Senior Date Finder Review – Is Senior Internet Dating Worth All the Hype?

by Rihanna West

Seniors Meeting SeniorsWhat do I think of the website called ‘Senior Date Finder‘? Well, after going through this review, you will probably make up your mind and jump into action straight away. Though there is a plethora of dating sites on the net, ‘Senior Date Finder‘ has managed to carve a niche for itself because of a number of features, with the prominent one being a crowd of serious people who are really in search of a perfect partner for themselves. Senior internet dating has come of age with sites like ‘Senior Date Finder’ where you do not need to pretend to be a super hero or a glam girl.

‘Senior Date Finder’ is a part of a huge group

Being one of the many sites being managed by a large group called Friend Finder dating Network, ‘Senior Date Finder’ attracts a lot many senior singles, and today it has a huge membership base of more than 400000 which is a proof of the efficacy of the site in being helpful to seniors. Just imagine it caters to only seniors above the age of 50 and you will realize how successful and popular it is. Launched in 199, it has sprung to far off locations such as US, UK, Canada and Asia.

What is free on ‘Senior Date Finder’?

Senior internet dating has become so popular that in coming years it has the potential to surpass the younger dating options in terms of numbers. A large part in this amazing popularity of senior internet dating is played by a host of features and a secure environment that is provided by sites like ‘Senior Date Finder’ to its free members. As a free member, you can create an interesting profile of yourself to attract other members, access chat rooms, send and receive instant messages, and respond to emails. As a free member, you also get as chance to flirt with others. You also get an anonymous mailbox for yourself.

Special features of ‘Senior Date Finder’

Though it has a lot of features that are commonly found on many senior internet dating sites, it has a free interactive online magazine that you can join by becoming a member for free. The magazine carries opinions, views and articles written by members. You can post anything such as a poem, essay, joke that might be of interest to others. There are polls conducted that you can take part in, and also post questions that are duly answered by the editors.

How much does it cost to join ‘Senior Date Finder’?

This is a valid question to ask if you are going to invest your time and effort in finding an ideal companion for yourself. Senior internet dating can be a good opportunity for you as a senior to have a quality time pass and also to find a partner who has the same likings and interests as you. What you can do is to join as a free member and then upgrade after assessing the services and features and also if you feel you have a good chance of finding your soul mate on ‘Senior Date Finder’.

Listen closely, here is your next step…

Advance to the next page and you will find some rather conventional and some not so conventional views on how to make the best age match easily! These are a clear set of controversial views that will shock you. I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it is too late (CLICK and VISIT NOW!) =] Mature Singles Click Now

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Being Older Does Not Limit Your Choices: Online Senior Dating Is Easy

By Anita Kearney

Seniors Online DatingWhen people think of seniors, dating is not one of the first things that come to mind. But if the number of senior dating sites online is any indication, it seems one is never too old for romance. Many seniors use online dating sites to find companionship and someone to pal around with.

There are as many seniors surfing the web and using social networking sites as there are young people. A full 67% of seniors between the ages of 50-64 are using the best online senior dating services. Over 17% of the Internet traffic is generated by senior citizens. Children and grand children are persuading even more to try online dating sites.

This goes to show that you are never to old for dating and romance. Many seniors are fresh out of long term relationships. Divorce and death are making a huge single senior scene. Many are getting past the stigma that has been erroneously attached to online dating and finding the mate of their dreams.

Many get started on senior online dating sites looking for something to occupy their time. It is not hard to see that a senior dating site would have to be geared toward some of the same things as the other sites but with a twist. Although looks are important seniors often judge their dates on other criteria as well.

Seniors want to know more about a possible interest. Who they are as a person and what their core values are play a hug role in why a senior will take the chance to move forward in a relationship. The Internet also gives people the opportunity to meet people outside of their general area. Seniors are meeting people from all walks of life all over the world.

With the addition of webcam and chats they can make lasting friendships as well as find a love match. The number one reason many seniors give for signing up is to stave off loneliness. Finding people to talk to and share their days with has gotten easier and faster via the Internet.

The top online senior dating sites take the time to match you with people that you are going to be compatible with. Having something in common gives you a starting point. The beauty of online dating is that there is generally someone you can chat with no matter the time. Instead of being bored many seniors are pursing relationships of all kinds online.

Dating in your hometown is limited. When a lot of seniors got married the first time they chose from a small pool of candidates from their general area, with online dating you get an ocean of candidates from every corner of the globe. Many seniors worry about the membership fees for these sites many are economical and can easily be worked into a fixed income budget. You can find sites that allow you to meet, greet and chat for free only upgrading if you want some of the more intricate features.

Whether your end goal is marriage or just a friend that shares your interest you can find them online.

Anita Kearney is a retired businesswoman who has started her own article writing service. She is an Ezine expert author and has written well over 1000 articles for herself and her clients. To see more examples of her work or to learn how to contact her visit

Article Source: Being Older Does Not Limit Your Choices: Online Senior Dating Is Easy

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5 Tips for Dating After 40 (Or Any Age)!

Seniors Online DatingDating is a numbers game, but what happens when you’re not 23 any longer – do the numbers start working against you?

No! The truth is, people are looking for partners of all ages. More than half the U.S. adult population is single, and many are baby boomers and Gen Xers looking to find love after a break-up or divorce, or want to get married for the first time. You are not alone.

The media would like us to think that young daters are the only ones out there who are actively dating and forming relationships, but that is far from the truth. Older daters are higher in number, but are slowly adapting to the technology available to them – specifically online and mobile dating. The stigma is gone for the most part, thanks to the ease, accessibility and popularity of mobile dating apps. How many 40-somethings do you know using Tinder? Probably more than you’d expect.

If you are over 40 and wondering how to approach this whole dating thing, here are some tips:

Try different sites and apps. Not everyone over age 40 should be on eHarmony. Not every guy should be on Tinder. Before you join, ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want to test the dating waters without getting serious? Do you want to get married? Or would you like to find a girlfriend/ boyfriend for companionship? Different sites and apps offer different experiences, so be sure to research first.

Be honest in your approach. So many women lie about their ages, and so many men lie about their height. They want to attract more people, but in the end when you are meeting dates in real life, they will be upset by the lie. Don’t start any relationship this way. The people who are right for you won’t let age or height be a factor, so don’t you either.

Let go of your baggage. There’s nothing more important than examining past relationships and seeing where we can get rid of old beliefs and thought patterns that aren’t serving us. Anger and fear are the two worst things to hang on to – for anyone. Go to counseling, talk with a friend, start a practice in yoga – do what it takes to help lift you beyond your current fear and anger, and into a place of greater peace before you date. It will be worth it.

Think about what you want in a relationship. It’s more important to understand how you want to feel in a relationship, rather than looking for a guy or girl who checks off those “boxes” – like being hot, or educated, or successful. These don’t matter nearly as much when you are in the relationship. Instead, think about the kind of person you’d like to spend time with.

Cultivate your own happiness and personal life. Do you enjoy travel, riding your bike, or cooking? Don’t wait for a partner to plan your next trip, or a cycling buddy before you research new biking trails, or a boyfriend before you start cooking elaborate 4-course meals. Do it for you! When you do things that make you happy, it puts you in a great headspace to attract others who are happy in their lives, too.

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The Science of Meeting the Right person

Seniors Online DatingIn IRL (learned that yesterday from my son – which, by the way means in real life) nothing is given.  You meet someone, you date them you might find them attractive, or you may not.  You may find them boring or the perfect person to be around.  In short there are no guarantees that who you find whether you go to functions or events or try online dating is going to work out.  We all have different ideas of who is attractive or not and what constitutes an enjoyable exchange or conversation.  For some an introvert would be out of the question — they are too quiet, possibly shy and just want to stay home, for me — that’s ideal (not that I’m looking).  An extrovert could also be “difficult” to live around.

When you’re creating your online profile you want to be as honest as you can so that you find the right person.  If you’re an extrovert that enjoys travelling, and attending social functions or family affairs — make sure you spell it out.  You don’t want to meet someone who may or may not be an extrovert who doesn’t enjoy those same things.  Things will not go well for the both of you and you will not enjoy your online dating experience.

There is no magic formula when it comes to completing your online profile – while we all want to be loved or want others to talk to us, not being honest with others (and indeed with ourselves) will only set you up for disappointment.

By being honest you are going to attract the right person for you — maybe that person might be someone a little introverted, but the two of you will hit it off.

As much as people are attracted to each other by looks the underlying personality also plays an important role.

Now here are some tips for you when you are adding your picture to your profile:

Your Profile Picture – Flirty, or Not?

  • Women – it is better to smile, than not.  In fact according to OKCupid women will get more messages when they smile in their pictures, and if you’re feeling a bit frisky or flirty do it to the camera as you’ll get even more messages.  Remember to make eye contact at the person looking at your profile — this means, looking at the camera, not away from the camera.
  • Men – same holds true for you to a certain degree.  Women don’t mind you not looking right into the camera and into their soul, maybe they want a bit of mystery?  But at the same time if you’re going to be flirty – do it looking at the camera, women don’t like it otherwise.

According to OKCupid for women in their late teens and early twenties body pictures were the most popular and responsive type of shot.  As they got older, they were not as important.  In fact pictures showing you doing something interesting, or with animals or even a travel photo were more popular and would lead to an actual conversation.

Something interesting that we read – not showing your face can actually benefit you BUT ONLY if you substitute in something unusual, sexy or mysterious enough to make people want to talk to you.

You can read the full post over at OKCupid blog.

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7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Online Dating Experience

Seniors Online DatingAnyone who says online dating isn’t tough is either lying, delusional, or hasn’t actually ever touched a computer before. As easy as it is to create a profile and start clicking through potential dates, actually finding someone you connect with can be a challenge. Dating is hard, therefore online dating is hard.

Occasionally you find yourself in a rut. Or maybe you haven’t even started in the first place. Either way, there are things you can do today – right now – to give your online dating experience a much-needed boost.

  1. Start! What’s stopping you? Are you still worried online dating might not be for you? You won’t know until you try. Take the plunge.
  2. Give your profile a makeover. When was the last time you updated your profile? Can you remember the last time you looked at it? Actually, can you even remember what you put on it in the first place? You are constantly evolving and your profile should be too.
  3. Delete all the mirror selfies. You have friends. Get them to take your picture instead. No one cares what your bathroom looks like or what you wear to the gym.
  4. Upload a silly picture instead. Professional headshots belong in two places only: on your LinkedIn profile and in a casting director’s hands. No one is looking to date a carefully crafted (and probably Photoshopped image) – they want to date the real you. Someone with a personality. Show it off in a fun, free-spirited snap.
  5. Ask a friend to be your online dating support system.  Online dating can be intimidating, but nothing cuts down on the intimidation factor like having a trusted friend by your side. Motivate each other to keep meeting new people whenever the going gets tough.
  6. Be proactive. Don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. Take action! Your potential pool of dates expands rapidly as soon as you start initiating conversations instead of waiting for others to do it. You may not always get the response you want, but you’ll gain confidence from knowing that you tried.
  7. Set goals. As with most things in life, you achieve more when you set goals for yourself. Have you seriously thought about what you want out of your online dating experience? If you’re not sure, how can you find the person who will give it to you? Write down your goals – both short-term and long-term – until you have a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

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Photos – The Double Standards Of Online Dating

Seniors Online DatingIf you want to put your best foot forward and drum up the most interest from potential partners, you won’t be surprised to learn that it all comes down to your profile photo.

Okay, not all of it. Some people do actually read the words you painstakingly chose. But let’s be real: the profile pic is the first thing someone sees, and it has a lot to do with how well you sell yourself online.

Before you start contemplating plastic surgery, remember that the perfect profile picture isn’t about conventional beauty. There are plenty of other factors that go into a photo that catches eyes, and none of them have to do with how well you apply eyeliner or how much time you spend in the gym.

Zoosk conducted a study of 4,000 online daters and discovered some of the more unexpected elements that attract attention online:

  • Yes, your pet is cute, but your furry friend is not helping you find a date. Photos with animals lower the average number of messages received by 53% for both men and women.
  • Posing with human friends also lowers your average – by 42%.
  • Women get a 60% boost in messages received if their profile picture is taken indoors.
  • On the other hand, men get 19% more messages if their photo is taken outdoors.
  • A full body shot is must, regardless of your gender. It’ll give you a 203% bump in your incoming messages average.
  • Ladies: your selfies earn you 4% more messages. Gentlemen: sorry, your selfies lower your incoming average by 8%.

What you’re seeing here are some similarities, but also a couple of key differences. Take that last one: why is it we think it’s normal for women to take selfies, but think it’s vain for men to do the same thing? Shocker – we have double standards were beauty and gender norms are concerned.

Those double standards continue into the text of the profile. Zoosk’s research came to the unsettling conclusion that honesty is the best policy for men, but that women should keep their mouths shut about the big issues until later on. Looking at the data, Zoosk found that:

  • The words “separate” and “divorce” up men’s incoming messages by 52%.Mentioning children means another 7% boost.
  • For women, on the other hand, mentioning the same words causes the incoming messages average to drop by 7%.

So what does that mean? Does that mean women should hide their pasts while men should celebrate them? Does it mean that online dating is fundamentally broken?

What it really means, more than anything, is that online dating sites serve as a microcosm of society as a whole. Regardless of gender, double standards are firmly in place – and we’ll never beat them online until we beat them offline.

For more on the dating site that commissioned the study you can read our review of Zoosk.

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Zoosk Reveals Profile Tips for Getting the Most Responses

Seniors Meeting Seniors Online Dating

If you’re looking to join an online dating site, the first two weeks after Christmas are the best time to do it. At least according to Zoosk, the dating website which typically sees a 26% increase in sign-ups during that time. According to, the busiest time of year for dating is between Christmas and February 14th.

So once you sign up for an online dating site, how do you attract the attention of other members?

Because of the expected rush of new sign-ups, Zoosk also put together data combed from over 4,000 members of the site to see what kind of profiles and pictures get the most responses. Why not make the most of your online dating experience this New Year?

Here are a few facts Zoosk shared to help you get a little more attention and increase your response rate:

Use a full-body picture. While you might feel a little self-conscious, users who post full body photos (both for males and females) typically receive three times as many messages as the average dater, and 33% more responses to their messages. It’s not about looking perfect – it’s showing who you are and that you have nothing to hide.

It’s not all about work. People who talk about their hobbies in their online dating profiles fare better than those who don’t. Exercise is always a winner. If you mention jogging, running, lifting weights or yoga, you get 21% more messages. If you say book, read or write, you also get 21% more messages. And if you mention music, guitar, or singing? You’ll notice a 15% increase in your messages.

Be positive. Using words like “alone” won’t help you in your online dating quest – in fact, you’ll see 24% fewer messages. However, if you use words like creative, ambitious, laugh or healthy, you’ll see a definite boost of 33% more messages.

Don’t include pets or friends in your photos. Online daters want to know who they are dating – and if you pose with others in the picture, it takes the focus off of you. Zoosk found that having more than one person in your photo resulted in 42% fewer messages. Not only that – including pets isn’t such a great idea either, even if you are looking for a pet-friendly date. Zoosk found that those who posed with animals received a whopping 53% fewer messages.

Selfies are gender-biased. If you’re a guy and you want to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror, think again. You’ll receive 8% fewer messages with selfie photos than your female counterparts – who receive a 4% uptick in messages with their selfies.

Happy dating!

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